Coastal Meadows and Centuries-old Oaks...

..make ideal settings for California beach weddings. Stroll through some of the most enchanting wedding venues in the entire state of California.

You can arrange a wedding vacation with friends and family in the charming town of Monterey. Choose between open-air settings such as the historical gardens or the Carmel beach for sundown beach wedding ceremonies, romantic wedding locations like the renowned Napa wineries, a mountain ceremony on the beach at Lake Tahoe, wedding days at posh clubs with ocean views and beachside restaurants... and it won't cost you the price of a down payment on your house to arrange it.

California Wedding Attire 

A nice California dress theme typically begins with a subdued neutral fabric and unexpected bursts of vibrant color such as yellows and pinks... You are staying with a young springtime concept but introducing a bit of sunshine into the overall appearance and feeling.

California Wedding Colors 

Choice two-color combinations:
Red Orange
Lavender Purple
Sage Lavender
Turquoise Aqua

California Menu Ideas 

It's time to go organic! California is famous for its scrumptious health cuisine, and you will put a very special stamp on your wedding by going with it. Pick up your phone and check it out, organic chef catering is surprisingly easy to find throughout the state.